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[[Diane Court|

Diane Court





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Worker at a retirement home (former)
College student


Jim Court (father)
Mrs. Court (mother)


Lloyd Dobler (boyfriend)

Diane Court]] is the daughter of Jim Court and Mrs. Court. She is an only child, and her parents are divorced.

She is very smart, and it is revealed by her father that she spent every summer in summer school instead of taking a vacation. As a result, on the day of her high school graduation, as valadictorian, nobody really knows her, due to her lack of a social life. Her dad gives her a car after the ceremony, and he also gives her a ring that belonged to her mother.

She meets Lloyd Dobler on the day they graduate, and they go to an annual party together. They have a good time, but they have to drive a guy home who got drunk. After that, Lloyd walks Diane home from the local 7/11, and she talks about her parents' divorce. She tells Lloyd that they divorced when she was 12, and that she had to stand up in court and choose between the two of them. She chose to live with her dad, and she tells Lloyd that she felt safer in making that choice.

Lloyd asks Diane out again, and they start casually dating. During that time, her father is investigated for emezzelment, and the pressure is getting built up on Diane. She and Lloyd make love for the first time, and in the days that follow, she tells her father that she loves Lloyd. Her father unintentionally makes her feel guilty about the relationship and Diane breaks up with Lloyd.

Diane finds out about her father's guilt and confronts him on it. She gets back together with Lloyd, and takes a fellowship that she was offered in England. She and Lloyd leave together soon after she sees her father in prison.