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Corey Flood is the best friend of Lloyd Dobler and of D.C.. She tells Lloyd not to go out with Diane Court at the beginning of the film, because she doesn't think that Diane would be interested. She soon proves to be wrong, however.

She is one of the many party guests the night of Lloyd's and Diane's first date. She is still nursing the wound of her last boyfriend, Joe, who cheated on her. She previously wrote over sixty songs about the pain she'd gone through with him.

Joe approches her at the party and tells her that he's going to break up with his current girlfriend, because she is going to college. He asks Corey to get back together with him, and gives her a hug. Shortly thereafter, he asks Corey to have sex with him. This is very emotional for Corey, because she lost her virginity to Joe, and he was her first love. She breaks her embrace with him, and says goodbye to him. It is unknown whether or not they ever spoke again.

Corey works at a guitar store, and she is there with D.C. when Lloyd tells them both (not technically) that he and Diane made love. Corey refers to this as "doing the deed", and Lloyd tells them that he wrote Diane a letter. Corey reads it, and tells Lloyd that it is wonderful. (To see the letter, go to Lloyd Dobler's page).

Diane breaks up with Lloyd, and Lloyd spends more time with Corey and D.C. as a result. Corey, at one point, calls Lloyd on his negative attitude. She asks him what's wrong, and he tells her that he is entitled to act like he is.

Corey: "Lloyd, why do you have to act this way?"

Lloyd: "Because I'm a guy..."

Corey: "No, you're not."

Lloyd: "I am!"

Corey: "No, you are not a guy. The world is so full of guys. Be a man."

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